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Access full-text articles from Google Scholar

  • You can find full text article from TKU's collection through Google Scholar.
    • Google Scholar not only provides a way to search for scholarly literature but direct you to electronic full texts ordered by libraries。
    • TKU Library had renewed library links in Google Scholar in March, 2020. Please check library links settings before search Google Scholar.
  • Setting steps:
  1. Go to http://scholar.google.com,
  2. Go to the upper-left hand side of the page and click on hamburger iconThis is an image
  3. Select the Settings link
This is an image
  1. Select Library Links on the next page
  2.  In the search box, type in tku or Tamkang University  then click the blue search button.  
  3. Check the box next to 淡江大學 Tamkang University (Alma) – Full-Text@TKU
  4. Select Save
This is an image
  1. After setting is done, you can start  searching with   Google Scholar and Your search results will  now show 「Full-Text@TKU」.
This is an image
  1. Click on  Full-Text@TKU, the next page will show that item in library discovery system with a link.
  2. Click on to Full text availability to get the fulltext article from the TKU's collections.
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You can find articls from TKU's collection through Discovery Service or Google Scholar.

Google Scholar's Library Links Settings 

Steps of setting library links are as follows:

Step1. Google Scholar Main Page (fig1.) → Click 「Settings」
Google Scholar Main Page

Step2. Click 「Library links」→ type [tamkang] → Search → Chose [Tamkang University Chueh-Sheng Memorial Library - FullText@淡江大學TKU] → Save
Google Scholar library links setting

Step3. Sample: search and get the fulltext article from the TKU's collections

Sample of the result