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Reserve a Workstation

Computer workstation booking service at Information Commons in Main Library

  1. For who:TKU faculty, staff and students.
  2. Hours:same as Mail Library hours.
service days Mon.~Fri. Sat.~Sun.
service hours 08:20~21:50 09:20~16:50
  1. Booking service hours for computer station in Information Commons via iReserve
    Minimum hours for single booking Daily limit of booking How long before booking check in
    time limit
    Seat reservation time for Temporarily leaving Renew Renew Times  Maximum renewal time
    60 minutes 2 times
    120 minutes)
    up to 7 days
    (closed date included)
    10 minutes of reservation start time 15 minutes 5 minutes before reservation ends one time if the workstation is not hold by others After one time renewal users can register on site for continued use if workstations still available.
  2. Precautions
    • In order to save energy, the library will implement zoning open for use depending on usage condition.
    • Users should leave after the borrowing time is up, the library may clear out personal belongings of those who fail to comply with the prescribed time limit without any liability for custody.
    • Workstation may be reserved up to 7 days in advance, and those who want to change seats have to replace through iReverve system.
    • Each identification number only can reserve one seat at the same time.
    • Reservations may be cancelled if users have not arrived with 10 minutes of their reservation start time. Users should cancel their reservations 10 minutes before the scheduled time if they can not present for some reason or the booking system will automatically cancel reservations and release seats to others. 
    • Users are allowed to reserve workstations up to 60 minutes per session. Users can renew the reservation with 5 minutes before reservation end time if the workstation is not hold by others. The limit for renewal is one time.
    • If users fail to report the reservation up to 3 times, the library may stop users' online reservation rights for 30 days.
    • Users should comply with the computer equipment usage rules. Offenders will be dealed with the rules of "Use and Charge of Computer Equipment at Tamkang Memorial Library of Tamkang University".
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