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Where are photocopiers located?
There are copy service rooms and photocopiers at every floor in Main Library, Chung-Ling Branch and Taipei Campus library, the self service photocopying is available during the library's opening hours.

Charge by using EasyCard:
paper size type pre sheet
A4 black & white $1 
colors $5 
B4 black & white $1 
colors $5
A3 black & white $2 
colors $10 
Note:colors photocopying is availabe only at fourth floor in Main Library(U402)
semester/ break hours
Semester Mon ~ Fri 08:30~09:30/15:00~16:00
Sat ~ Sun 09:30~10:30/15:00~16:00
summer/winter break Mon ~ Fri 08:30~09:30/15:00~16:00
Where are scanners located?
  • at fifth floor in Main Library
  • Self-service scaning is available during the library's opening hours.
Types of Scanners:
  • 1 Hp Scanjet 5590 : can scan A4 size paper
  • 1 EPSON GT-20000:can scan A3 size paper
Notes about self-service scanning:
  • Users have to register by a valid ID card at library counter for self-service scanning, the  loan time limit for pre registration is one hour, users can continue using the scanner if no other next registers.
  • Users have to bring their own USB flash drive for data backup
  • Users have to respect intellectual property rights, all scanning must be done by the Fair use policy.
  • Users have to be responsible for any scanner damage caused by improper use.