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Instructional services

Instructional services

Databases Instruction and Tutorials 

  • To guide the databases and information systems, the schedule of training in this semester is as follow:
  • Online registration at http://enroll.tku.edu.tw/
  • Please choose either one course if there are two on the same topic.
  • The courses are lectured at classroom U301 on the 3rd floor in the main library.
  • If the schedule doesn’t meet the requirement, please email to algx@OA.tku.edu.tw for an arranged course.
  • Appointed courses are available for 10 people or above in a group.
  • Contact Person: Miss. Chang, Su-Jung
  •  Campus Phone: #2321
  • Location: Main Lib. 3rd Floor Reference Service Desk

Instruction For Undergraduate Freshmen

The guiding courses includes:
  • The first course: library guiding video, introduction to the WebPAC, library experiencing games.
  • The second course: basic concept of searching, introduction to databases, assessing quizzes.
  • The courses are included in “university learning” courses and conducted in groups form the fifth to eighth week in the first semester.
  • Contact Person: Miss. Chang, Su-Jung 
  • E-mail: csj8311@mail.tku.edu.tw 
  • Campus Phone: #2321 
  • Location: Main Lib. 3rd Floor Reference Service Desk

Tutorials For Graduate Freshmen

  • The courses are available annually from October 1 to June 30.
  • The courses are peculiar to the freshmen in MA, On-job MA, and PhD programs.
  • The class representative discusses with the librarians to arrange the date for the course.
  • The content of duration of the session:
  • Fundamental courses—2 hours (the content needs further discussion with the librarians)
  • General introduction to the library
  • Searching and utilizing the library collection
  • Interlibrary loan / photocopy service
  • Recognizing references / citations
  • The methods to collect data
  • Introduction and operation of the databases
  • Management of references
  • Advanced courses (2 hours), if needed, are available. Registration is also required.
  • Students attending the courses will be given a handbook of “Methods of information searching.”

College E-mail Campus Telephones
Wu, Li-Li Education lili65@mail.tku.edu.tw 2651
Huang, Fong-Yi Business and Management irene@mail.tku.edu.tw 2651
Cheng, Chu-Yuan Business and Management beryl@mail.tku.edu.tw 2652
Liu, Ching-Pin Foreign Languages and Literatures, International Studies 144488@mail.tku.edu.tw 2652
Lu, Kuei-Ying Engineering deer@mail.tku.edu.tw 2651
Lin, Dai-An Liberal Arts, Science dianelin@mail.tku.edu.tw 2652

Location: Main Lib. 3rd Floor Reference Service Desk 
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