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Nine Stories, “Uncle Wiggily in Connecticut,”

(罕)PS 3537.A426N51964
J.D. Salinger “‘That dopey maid,’ Eloise said without moving from the couch. ‘I dropped two brand-new cartons in front of her nose about an hour ago. She'll be in, any minute, to ask me what to do with them. Where the hell was I?'”(1) 1

J.D. Salinger 本書九篇故事是五十年前的作品,儘管各自獨立,卻有一種隱約的聯繫;二次大戰雖然已經結束,但是人性所受到的傷害才開始慢慢顯現。這九篇也可以說是《麥田捕手》的延續,童稚的純真心靈繼續與成年人的虛偽世界展開拉鋸戰,作者認為童稚的純真心靈既是受害者,也是最後的勝利者,為成年人帶來救贖的希望。(博客來) 1
The man in the gray flannel suit

(罕)PS 3573.I475M3 1957
  While the focus of the two is very different, the currently-popular Mad Men seems to have drawn much of its inspiration from this watershed novel that foresees the dangers of corporate-office conformity and suburban mundanity. Telling the story of a World War II veteran struggling to maintain his place in corporate America while undergoing severe PTSD, the novel attempts to define this new American experience in the impoverished quarters of Westport, Connecticut. (2) 2
The Stepford wives

PS 3523.E7993S74 2000
Ira Levin The cultural term “Stepford wife,” used to describe an overly obedient, subservient wife, has its origin in this 1972 satirical novel by Ira Levin. The novel tells the story of Joanna and Walter Eberhart, who move with their two children to the Connecticut suburbs. Joanna, a photographer, soon becomes suspicious of the flawless, idyllic women in their neighborhood. When she investigates, she learns that these picture-perfect women are not women at all; rather, they're androids, created by the husbands in the neighborhood as replacements for their aging, defiant human spouses. (3) 3
Mystic pizza = 現代灰姑娘

DVD PN1997.M97 1999
War of the worlds = 世界大戰

DVD PN 1997.2.W376 2005
The Stepford wives

DVD PN 1997.S7362 2004