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PS3562.E55 S75 2012
Elmore Leonard “Coming out of the City-County Building, walking east on Jefferson, they started over and spoke about the weather, looking off at the Ford Auditorium over on the riverfront, the fountain misting in Hart Plaza, Bryan saying it was a little too nice, it wasn’t like April, April in Detroit was miserable, wet and cold with dirty snow left over from the winter; Angela saying she lived in Arizona, Tuscon, and didn’t know much about weather, outside of weather in New York when you wanted a taxi; Bryan said he thought that should about do it for weather, though he could tell her how muggy it got in the summer if she wanted.” (1) 1

PS 3555.U4M53 2003
Jeffrey Eugenides This sprawling, inter-generational story about a Greek hermaphrodite growing up in Detroit describes Michigan’s former crown jewel at its peak, as well as the violence and poverty that lead to its tragic decline. An immigrant novel with a twist, the colorful but turbulent life in the city gets contrasted with the peaceful but uptight experience of its suburbs, consistently combining the historical with the personal. (2)

This Pulitzer-prize winning novel by Jeffrey Eugenides explores a delicate and complex subject: the condition of being intersex, or having a disorder of sexual development. The novel follows protagonist Cal Stephanides, an intersex man who was born genetically male, but who was raised as a female because his outer genitalia did not properly develop. This gripping tale explores the themes of nature versus nurture, as well as fate versus free will, through the eyes of Cal and his family. (3)

874.5754 /8365.21
Jeffrey Eugenides 故事以三代人的希臘家庭為背景,他們從小亞細亞一處能俯瞰奧林帕斯山的小村落逃難到漫天煙塵的底特律,見證了這個汽車城的光輝日子,經歷了1967年的種族暴動,最後來到密西根州一處名為格洛斯波因的郊區。少女初長成的卡莉歐琵卻發現自己在生理上的發育比其他女孩慢多了,醜小鴨遲遲未能變成天鵝。而且,卡莉歐琵在感情上的偏好也喜歡同性好友,難道這真的只是源於女校的同性情誼,或是有某種深埋地下的原因,像她身體裡潛藏的番紅花一樣,正在蠢蠢欲動?一次意外事件解開了卡莉歐琵的身體之謎,把「卡莉歐琵」變成「卡爾」,也揭開了起源自祖父母甚至更久遠之前的家族祕密。沿著家譜溯游而上,追尋橫亙兩個大陸與數百年的基因宿命,這個回溯,不僅是身體的、人─存在上的,也是文學上的。這使得《中性》同時彰顯出女╱男、悲劇╱喜劇、古典╱後現代的雙重面向。(博客來) 2,3
Hemingway & The old man and the sea = 海明威 & 老人與海

DVD PN 1997.5.H45 2005