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Foxfire: Confessions of a Girl Gang

PS3565.A8 F69 1994
Joyce Carol Oates Legs squinted up at the sky, the moon so bright you’d never think it could be merely rock like the earth’s common rock and lifeless, merely reflected light from an invisible sun and not a powerful living light of its own.” (1) 1
The Great Gatsby

PS 3511.I9G7 1953
F. Scott Fitzgerald In F. Scott Fitzgerald’s 1925 classic novel, New York isn’t just the setting; it’s a character. Narrated by Yale graduate Nick Carraway, the novel, set in and around Long Island, explores the unsettled relationship between the mysterious, self-made millionaire Jay Gatsby and the love of his life, Daisy Buchanan while examining the class differences between the haves and have-nots. The Great Gatsby is one of these 14 books you really should have read by now. (3) 3

874.5754 /8329 102a
F. Scott Fitzgerald 故事敘述者尼克從美國西部搬到紐約,遇見一群同鄉,迷惘於美國東岸虛華不實的生活裡,在生活、道德或文化均已無所適從,注定邁向不可避免的悲劇。(博客來) 3
Daddy Was a Number Runner

PS3563.E738 D3 2002
Louise Meriwether “Lord, but that hallway was funky, all of those Harlem smells bumping together… The air outside wasn't much better. It was a hot, stifling day, June 2, 1934. The curbs were lined with garbage cans overflowing into the gutters, and a droopy horse pulling a vegetable cart down the avenue had just deposited a steaming pile of manure in the middle of the street. The sudden heat had emptied the tenements. Kids too young for school played on the sidewalks while their mamas leaned out of their windows searching for a cool breeze or sat for a moment on the fire escape.” (1) 1

874.5754/8284.1-3 105
Patricia Highsmith 年輕、孤單的特芮絲在大都會紐約裡尋找劇場事業的開端,卻被困在一個百貨公司裡面當售貨小姐;同樣的,儘管身邊有著對她死心踏地的男友,她卻感到這份愛虛弱得可有可無,隨時可以揚棄……



Taxi driver = 計程車司機

DVD PN1997 .T39 1999

The great Gatsby = 大亨小傳

DVD PN 1997.2.G7328 2013
The Godfather DVD collection = 教父

DVD PN 1997.G622 v.1-v.5
​The wolf of Wall Street = 華爾街之狼​
DVD PN 1997.2.W652 2014/v.1/v.2
New York, I love you = 紐約.我愛你
DVD PN 1997.2.N499 2010
DVD PN 1997.B72
DVD PN 1997.2.C3765 2016​