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Bastard Out of Carolina

PS 3551.L453B37 1993
Dorothy Allison Anney makes the best gravy in the county, the sweetest biscuits, and puts just enough vinegar in those greens. Glenn nodded, though the truth was he'd never had much of a taste for greens, and his well-educated mama had always told him that gravy was bad for the heart. So he was not ready for the moment when Mama pushed her short blond hair back and set that big plate of hot food down in front of his open hands. Glenn took a bite of gristly meat and gravy, and it melted between his teeth. The greens were salt sweet and fat rich. His tongue sang to his throat; his neck went loose, and his hair fell across his face. It was like sex, that food, too good to waste on the middle of the day and a roomful of men too tired to taste.” (1)

Published in 1992, this semi-autobiographical debut novel by author Dorothy Allison is set in the author’s hometown of Greenville, South Carolina in the 1950s. It details the complex relationship between narrator Ruth Anne “Bone” Boatwright and her mother's husband, who, after a series of family tragedies, begins sexually assaulting her. (3)

Dorothy Allison 骨頭,一個生長於南卡羅萊納州的私生女,和母親、妹妹,以及母親龐大的家族相依為命,過著貧窮卻親密的生活。不意,一名男子的介入改變了一切。她、母親和繼父間的三角關係,難言又難解。她所深愛的母親是否仍值得信賴?還是會背叛她而與繼父同盟?一開始似乎待她還不錯的繼父,越來越冷酷暴烈。後來發生的事,使得他們之間絕不可能再回頭...... 1,3
The secret life of bees

PS 3611.I44 S38 2008
Sue Monk Kidd An uplifting trend among many novels on this list is that there is an insistence on bridging the gap between white America and Black America. This novel is no exception; about Lily, a young girl who saves Rosaleen– a wrongfully persecuted black maid — from the local police, the story describes their escape to an isolated apiary, where Lily will fall in love, but not before a whole other series of violent conflicts will soon erupt. (2) 2

874.5754 /865.43-1
Sue Monk Kidd 本書講述的是1964年發生在南卡羅來納州的故事。女主角莉莉的生活因某天下午她母親的過世而完全改變。

The notebook = 手札情緣

DVD PN 1997.2.N673 2005
Forrest Gump = 阿甘正傳

DVD PN 1997.F677 2001