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Child of God

PS3563.C337 C4 1993
Cormac McCarthy “Each leaf that brushed his face deepened his sadness and dread. Each leaf he passed he'd never pass again. They rode over his face like veils, already some yellow, their veins like slender bones where the sun shone through them. He had resolved himself to ride on for he could not turn back and the world that day was as lovely as any day that ever was and he was riding to his death.” (1) 1
The Client

PS 3557.R5355C57 1993
John Grisham Set mostly in Memphis, Tennessee, The Client is American thriller writer John Grisham's fourth novel. Published in 1993, it tells the story of an 11-year-old, street-wise boy named Mark Sway who, while sneaking a cigarette with his brother, encounters a suicidal lawyer who tells them a fiery secret: the whereabouts of the body of a missing person who has been killed by a mafia hit man—who's also the lawyer's client. (3) 3

874.5754 /8475-3
John Grisham 馬克,這個十一歲的男孩,因目睹一個新奧爾良律師自殺,因而得知一宗參議員命案的秘密;警方、地方檢察官、聯邦調查局紛紛對他施壓,甚至黑手黨暴徒也在一旁虎視眈眈。他被重重危機包圍,隨時可能陷入萬劫不復的深淵;但他最後想出了一個方法......  (博客來) 3
The Client = 終極證人

DVD PN 1997.C54 1994
The Green mile = 綠色奇蹟

DVD PN1997.G733 2000