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Lonesome Dove

PS3563.A319 L6 2010
Larry McMurtry “The eastern sky was red as coals in a forge, lighting up the flats along the river. Dew had wet the million needles of the chaparral, and when the rim of the sun edged over the horizon the chaparral seemed to be spotted with diamonds. A bush in the backyard was filled with little rainbows as the sun touched the dew… The sun spread reddish-gold light through the shining bushes, among which a few goats wandered, bleating. Even when the sun rose above the low bluffs to the south, a layer of light lingered for a bit at the level of the chaparral, as if independent of its source. The the sun lifted clear, like an immense coin. The dew quickly died, and the light that filled the bushes like red dirt dispersed, leaving clear, slightly bluish air.” (1) 1

(罕)813.7 /862 v.180
Larry McMurtry 她是專橫卻又可愛的母親;她是柔順卻又執拗的女兒。 三十多年的生活, 她們經歷了人生種種喜怒哀樂,無法拋開的骨肉親情, 把她們兩人緊緊的連繫在一起,直到......

874.5754 /8536
Steven C. Lo 本書敘述了新移民的生活經驗,以中國式的觀點掃描美國社會的工作環境,將商場中的冒險客誇張地塑造成英雄式人物,一場「廣大中國市場」的發財夢,替此齣辛酸苦辣又妙趣溢生的荒謬悲喜劇啟幕。(博客來)

874.57 /8348
Cormac McCarthy Set in the barren lands of Southwestern Texas, McCarthy’s novel about a drug exchange gone wrong and the man who found all of the money is dark, thrilling, and is, like most of his other novels, steeped in the language and mood of apocalypse. Though most know the story for the best-picture-winning adaptation of it by the Coen brothers, there is little that equals the sharpness and pace of McCarthy’s prose.(2)

This 2005 novel by Cormac McCarthy takes place along the Mexican-U.S. border in 1980. It follows the catastrophic chain of events that occur after a curious hunter stops to investigate an abandoned pickup truck that is surrounded by violently wounded dead bodies. In the back of the pickup truck, he finds $2 million and heroin—and takes it. (3)  

老警長貝爾即使力不從心,卻無法拋棄一心想守護的人民。孤單無援的他能否穿透深沉恐怖的血幕,將善念的火炬傳予後人?  (博客來)
No country for old men= 險路勿近
DVD PN 1997.2.N62 2008​
Paris, Texas
DVD PN 1997.P374 2001
Dazed and confused
DVD PN 1997.D393 2005
Giant = 巨人
DVD PN 1997.G52 2007