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The Executioner's Song

PS 3525.A4152E89 1998
Norman Mailer “[B]ut when the call came from Shirley Pedler to help in organizing the Utah Coalition Against the Death Penalty, she knew she would go out in the world again with her freaky blond hair, blond to everyone's disbelief—at the age of fifty-four, go out in her denims and chin-length-hanging-down-straight vanilla hair to that Salt Lake world where nobody would ever make the mistake of thinking she was a native Utah lady inasmuch as Utah was the Beehive State. The girls went big for vertical hair-dos, pure monuments to shellac.” (1)

About the life and death of Gary Gilmore, long-time criminal and murderer of two men, The Executioner's Song is a true-to-life dramatization of Gilmore's life in Utah from his time out of prison to his eventual execution in 1977, which he requested himself to be done as soon as possible, and by firing squad.(2)
沙鷗飛處: 湖與女人的故事

300.852 /8365
Terry Tempest Williams 大湖的水位幽忽忐忑,生命隨著消長,許多東西在不覺中流逝,唯獨「愛」延綿、累積、且深長。在大鹽湖畔,沙鷗飛處,骨肉相連的親情故事真實感人,在來日無多的親人身上,我們看到痛與哀傷,明白更多以誠相待的道理。

Beyond the blackboard = 貧民窟教室

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127 hours= 127小時

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