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Fair Use Policy

Policies for Fair Use of books and e-Resources

Printed books:

  • Related reading rules
         Regulations for Borrowing Materials from TKU Chueh Sheng Memorial Library Collections
         Regulations for Borrowing Instructor Designated Reference Materials from TKU Chueh Sheng Memorial Library
  • Related rules for Interlibrary Loan and Copy
         Policies for Interlibrary Loan and Photocopying             
  • Posting Copyright Notice on bulletin board at Photocopying Room and a reminding  "Illegal photocopying is not allowed" on the cover of each photocopier.

Electronic Resources:

  • Put a copyright note on the webpage of accees to periodicals and e-resources.
  • Have electronic resource system supplier report to the library as any illegally massive downloading occurs.
  • The library will deal with illegal users.

Non-Book materials: