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Innovation and Diligence

 While the new main library was being constructed, the last President Lee Teng-hui of the Republic of China came in person to lay the foundation stone and presented a plaque with an inscription bearing four Chinese characters "Wei Hsin Lih Hsueh" meaning "Innovation and Diligence" to encourage us that in the course of marching into the twenty-first century we must not forget to make innovation and at the same time to work conscientiously, and vice versa. Therefore, the completion of the new library building signifies not only the fruitful results made by our predecessors but also the indomitable spirit of their successors in grasping the present trends, marching toward the future, and creating a new opportunity to continue our life.

The Ideals of the New Main Library

 The Main Library has set the following as its ideals:
  • To maintain the stable growth of the traditional paper materials.
  • To develop digital information and to establish an electronic library.
  • To carry out operation principles based on equal emphasis on innovation and renovation.
  • To satisfy the needs of undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty.
  • To cultivate student abilities to search and apply information.

 Transparency Design

 The main entrance hall on the second floor of the main library is two-story high ceiling; the front door and walls are made from crystal-clear glass. On both sides of the main hall are materials on Tamkang's history, Futures Studies, and Taiwan's culture. On the third floor are reference books and facilities regarding network information searching. The transparent characteristic of the entire main hall integrated into one body the library's interior and exterior, and the upstairs and the downstairs. Such a design symbolizes the following meanings:
A library without walls, reminding the readers to make the best use of the indoor and outdoor resources.
Fulfilling the characteristic of modern library information system: "transparency".
To inspire readers to foresee the future by reviewing the past from the University history, and to achieve furtherdevelopment by solidifying the present achievements.
A computer hookup enables the virtual storage of networked information to be accessed by everyone, anywhere and anytime. This cultivates the user to have a global view that knowledge knows no national boundary.
Encouraging the effective use of computer resources and discouraging the use of paper so as to decrease the cutting of forest trees and to preserve the earth and the green forests.

An Online Touch Provides Limitless Resources

 Due to the increase of networked resources, the library not only provides computers for readers to use but also installs on every floor computer hookups in the reading seats, the carrels and the discussion rooms, so the readers by using their portable notebook computers can once for all accomplish the following jobs: to provide network connection, to search/retrieve materials, to read the whole text, to edit, to write papers, etc.

Magnificent Views

 The library building's open-style space allows sufficient sunlight to enter the interior of the library. In addition, the library affords a panoramic view of Kuan Yin Mountain, Ta Tun Mountain, Tamsui River, the Taiwan Straits and others. Thus by overlooking through any corner of the library, one can appreciate a picturesque view.

Continuous Academic Vigor

 In the populous Asian regions, dwelling space is narrow and small. In order to provide readers with a comfortable study environment at any time, the main library installs special self-study rooms and computer laboratory, which are open 24 hours daily.

Information Superhighway Driver's License

 The library has well-equipped instruction rooms, where readers receive guidance in searching and applying library information and networked information, so they can obtain a "driver's license" for driving in the information superhighway and, furthermore, for surfing in the boundless seas of information. At the same time, users are instilled with the concept of information ethics so as to maintain the smooth flow of the "information superhighway".

Modern Media Facilities Help Promote New Trends in Research

 The non-book materials services area on the fifth floor provides lots of materials in non-printed form, such as microfilms, microfiches, atlases, and those information recorded both in analog and digital signals. The area also provides modern facilities and equipment for related services as well as the the ATM superhighway network hookups, thus readily providing video on demand services.
 Also available in this area are multi-media resources rooms for small groups. All these will help promote a new trend in doing research.

Equal Emphasis on Both Theory and Practice

 To carry out the realization of theory and to further develop practice into theory, the library and the Department of Information and Library Science jointly publish a journal entitled , providing a forum for exchanges of ideas on library information.