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ETD submission & validation

Submission of thesis/dissertation for the second semester of the 110 academic year
Please refer to the following information: 
Thesis/Dissertation Upload Briefing
     Video_ section 1 / section 2
     Presentation_ Thesis/Dissertation upload instructions briefing


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Step 1 Thesis /  Dissertation Writing
1.For matters related to write the thesis/dissertation, please read 淡江大學研究生碩博士論文撰寫格式要點.
2.Style of printed version
           (cover)                                                         (side)  
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3.For matters related to binding the thesis / dissertation, please see followings
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Relevant documents to use for submitting , please read   

Step 2 Thesis /  Dissertation Upload
Upload steps,
1. Log in to the Electronic Theses/Dissertations Service System of Tamkang University, choose
2. Fill in bibliographic information column by column

3. Upload the PDF file of the electronic thesis/dissertation
4. Authorization

Printed version

Electronic version

  • According to the law, the application must be made public.

  • Written application documents shall be provided for examination when the application is delayed.

  • The postponement period of up to 5 years.

  • The electronic file of  independent equipment in the National Library submitted in accordance with the law is the same as that of the paper thesis.

  • For the following three authorizations, according to the student's wishes, no written application is required for postponing the publication, and it is sufficient to tick the box in the electronic thesis submission process.

  • NLC_National Digital Library of Thesis and Dissertation in Taiwan


  • Outside Campus_Airiti Library

5. Before submission - please check whether the submitted materials meet the review 

6. Submit for review 


Relevant documents to use for postponement of publication and authorizations,
please read   

Step 3 Submit of review
Stage 1 Electronic version review (It is first reviewed by the department assistant and then by the librarian)
  • Review by department assistant 
  • Review by department assistant
Stage 2 Printed version review
  1. Print the printed version (the printed version and the electronic file should be the same one)
  2. Appointment for submission of thesis/dissertation(printed version)
  3. ​Something you need to deal with in advance
    • ​The postponement of thesis/dissertation application(exempt if not available)
    • Print one copy of each of the three authorization letters(National Central Library、Tamkang University and database)
    • Print Thesis/Dissertation Submission Checklist, confirm it column by column and sign it in person.
  4. Submit for review
    • Please go to the library on time according to the appointment date. If there is no emergency, please do not change the date / time at will.
    • The data submitted include:
      • 3 volumes of papers (1 original and 2 copies).
      • one copy of each of the three authorization letters (for national library, Tamkang University and database).
      • One copy of the application and supporting documents for the delayed publication of thesis/dissertation of the National Library, bound in the original (those who do not apply for this item are exempted).
  • One copy of the application and supporting documents for the delayed publication of thesis/dissertation of theTamkang University, submit as the same time as printed version review (those who do not apply for this item are exempted).
  • One copy of Thesis/Dissertation Submission Checklist is submitted at the same time.
Printed version submitted by other
A power of attorney must be filled out and signed by hand.

Service Time

Date:May.2, 2022~

Before submitting, please refer to ETD submission & validation of Library webpage.

Please go to the Thesis/dissertation submission appointment system to make an appointment time, and those who do not make an appointment will not be accepted.

Date / Time

Main Library

📆 2022/5/2 ~6/30

During Semaster
09:00~11:30am ; 13:00~16:30pm


📆 2022/7/1  ~ 8/31
During Summer vocation
09:00~11:30am ; 13:00~15:30pm
Suspend review

📆 2022/9/1  ~ End
During Semaster
09:00~11:30am ; 13:00~16:30pm

Room U203
2nd Floor
Main Library

02-26215656 ext. 2486、2487
Mail box dss@mail.tku.edu.tw