Are there any limitations for books or non-book materials purchase suggestion?

  1. Please search Discovery System to make sure there are no duplicate titles in the library before you make a suggestion.
  2. It is needed to provide detail information including titles, authors, publishers or venders, publishing date, ISBN and so on when you suggest a purchase. The  more detailed information will decreases revision time and speed up the process.
  3. How can I suggest a purchase:
  • Via recommendation of departments, Items must meet research need or be a great numbers of materials. Patron need to fill in the bipartite purchasing form with the sign of the director, and send it to Collections and Technical Services Section.
  • Via“suggest a purchase”on the library website, This way is for items in common use. Each patron is limited to suggest five volumes per month. And if the price of the book is over NTS$2,000, please purchase it via departments.