How can I inquire the process of my purchase request?

The process of a purchase request submitted through “Suggest a purchase” on the homepage of library website can be inquired at MyInfo (http://info.lib.tku.edu.tw/myinfo/en/) by checking “suggestion records”. If you have any questions, please contact with our librarians.

  1. If items with location note of “1F Cataloging” or “Main Lib” on the record are urgent for research need, you can fill in Request for Priority Processing form (http://info.lib.tku.edu.tw/urequest/en/) so that library staff will prioritize the process of your request.
  2. If the location note showing “no holding” , it means that the books are still on ordering. If there’s no information in the record, please contact (02)2621-5656 #2294.