How long it takes to shelve new suggested items?

The arrival times for items vary according to different conditions. Under normal conditions such as correct information of books, stocks in publishers, not out-of-print books and so on, it takes about one month for the Oriental materials and two to three months for Western materials. After the arrival, items need to be cataloged then available on shelves. Readers can search 「Discovery System」 to know how the process is going:

  1. If items with location note showing“1F Cataloging”or“Main Lib”on the item record are urgent for research need, you can fill in the Request for Priority Processing form (http://info.lib.tku.edu.tw/urequest/en/) so that library staff will prioritize the process of your request.
  2. If the location note showing“no holding”, it means that items are still on ordering. If there's no information in the record, please contact (02)2621-5656 #2294.