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Spaces Service

Discussion Room
  • It is necessary to request a discussion room before using it.
  • Patrons need to complete "Application Form of Discussion Room Reservation" and submit it to the Information desk on 2nd Floor of Main library, the number of users must be more than 3 or less then 12.  The booked hour limit is 3 hours for group. Renew is not available. It is necessary to make another booking if patrons need to continue using the discussion room.
  • Patrons can not change the request time by themself  or transfer the requested room to others.
  • The booking may be cancelled if patrons do not arrive within 10 minutes of the booked time.
Study Carrel Application

1. Long Term Reservation Application:
  • Who can apply:Master or PH. D Students who are start writing their thesis.
  • Period of use:one semester
  • When and How to apply:One month befor the final exam of the semester. The announcement will be post on bulletin on the 2nd floor of Main library and News and Events of library's website.
  • How to assign:PH. D Students will be the first priority, Remainders are divided by the way of picking names out of hat.
  • The picked names will be announcedon bulletin at the 2nd floor of Main library and News and Events of library's website during the final week.
2. Short Term Reservation Application
  • Who can apply:Faculty and students who are working with subject research or thesis writing
  • Period of use:for two weeks, the carrel can be renewied if no one request it.
  • When to apply:
           a. New applicants:Five days before Wednesday of use session
           b. Renewers:
Three days before Friday of use session
           c. If the quota is already full, patrons can apply as a new applicant before the next session starts.
           d. If the quota is not full yet, patrons can apply during the use session.
  • How to apply:Complete "Study Carrel Short Term Reservation Application"   This is an image  and submit it at  the Information desk on the 2nd Foolr of Main library.
  • How to assign:By the order of registration.

Multimedia Rooms
  • The library offers 3 multimedia rooms on the fifth Floor of Mail Library, Each room can fill up to 15 users.
  • The facilities in each room contain multimedia computer、video & DVD players、Interactive DVDROM drive
  • Multimedia Rooms can be used in smaii_class teaching and groep discaussion so the number of users must be more than three.
  • The Request has to be submitted three hours before using or within a week before using
  • Vacant rooms are available for patrons who has not submit a request in advance through onsite registration.

Reading Sharing Area
  • Location: 2nd Floor of Main library
  • What is the area used for: Providing a space for reading promotion activities hosted by Tamkang Faculty and students.
  • When to apply:submit the application form two weeks before the event occurs (Exceptions: applications are not available one week before term exams and during term exams)
Contact phone#
Information Desk on the 2nd Floor of Mian Library: 02-26215656 ext 2317, 2281, 2135
Information Desk on the fifth Floor of Mian Library: 02-26215656 ext 2132