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Tutorials for Undergraduates

At the beginning of every new semester, the library will arrange a training course named "Academic Learning --Library Literacy" for new undergraduates.
The course consists of two parts which are Getting to know Tamkang History and Getting to know the Library.
Freshmen can know about hisory and culture of Tamkang, as well as Tamkang Alumni. They also will learn about TKU Libraries including branches, floor plan, highlight spaces, facilities and how to use library resources via the presentation given by a librarian.
The library hopes this training course will be helpful & usefull for your future study and learning.

※ Period of instruction:From
11/3 to 11/16 (11/4、9、23、25 for those who fail to finish the class,See Q&A for the detail)
※ Instruction mathod:
Online class

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