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Tutorials For Graduate Freshmen

  • When: The courses are available annual from October 1 to June 30.
  •  Where: Main Lib. 3rd Floor Reference Service Desk
  • For whom: Master's, Master's in-service and doctoral freshmen.
  • How to Request a Session: The session must be agreed by class rerepresentative and teaching librarian to schedule date, time, place and contents. 
  • Session contents: The Session outlines will be decided by class rerepresentative and teaching librarian.
  • Two-hour Basic Session: How to Collect Information
    • Library Tour
    • Skills for Onlin Calalog searching (Catalogs at  Tamkang and outside campuse)
    • Services for Interlibrary loan/Photocopy
    • Bibliographic Identification
    • How to collect Information
    • Database Tutourings
    • Reference Management
  • Advanced Session
    • If there is a need for advanced learning, further advanced sessions can be agreed with the librarian.
ibrarian College E-mail Campus Telephones
Wu, Li-Li Education lili65@mail.tku.edu.tw 2143
Huang, Fong-Yi Business and Management irene@mail.tku.edu.tw 2651
Lee, Su-Jen Business and Management happy@mail.tku.edu.tw 2652
Yeh, Jing-Jung International Studies, Foreign Languages and Literatures jennyyeh@mail.tku.edu.tw 2483
Yeh, Hui-Lan Engineering yeh@mail.tku.edu.tw 2651
Lin, Dai-An Liberal Arts, Science dianelin@mail.tku.edu.tw 2652